Createria Studios Spring Break Art Camp Session One Ages 6 - 9

Drop in for a day for $40 or spend the whole week with us for $160 per child!

Mar 15 - 19, 2021
Createria Studios Spring Break Art Camp Session One Ages 6 - 9
Drop in for a day for $40 or spend the whole week with us for $160 per child!

Event Details

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What to Expect at Art Camp

The week-long classes will cover numerous art mediums such as sculpting, painting, mixed media, and collage work! Choose either a morning or afternoon session block depending on your child’s age. 

Camp runs from March 15th - 19th with two sessions a day.

  • Session One: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm for Ages 6 - 9
  • Session Two: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm for Ages 9 -13

$40 per child for individual day session (Friday 3/29 not available as an individual day session

$160 per child for week-long sessions Monday 3/15 - Friday 3/19

Class Descriptions:

  • Monday 3/15: Red-Eyed Frog Clay Sculpture: Sculpt a frog from Model Magic. 
  • Tuesday 3/16: Macaw or Cockatoo Paper Collage: Cut shapes from painted paper and collage a colorful bird. 
  • Wednesday 3/17: Sloth Acrylic Painting on Canvas: Draw and paint a Sloth hanging out.
  • Thursday 3/18: Blue Morpho Butterfly Shadowbox: Watercolor paint a butterfly and the scene to go inside a shadowbox. 
  • Friday 3/19: Jaguar Marker Drawing (if time allows), Finish projects, Set up Show. Gallery Show (last 15 minutes of camp)

All materials included with session purchase.

No experience necessary for any of these classes, just an open spirit and willingness to try something new or revisit an old passion. Classes are available to those who are ages 6 - 13.  Please see session information for age requirements.

All participants must wear masks and will be socially distanced during the class.  Please remember to bring your own water bottle. Water fountains will not be available due to COVID restrictions. 

Spring Break Art Camp Registration Form

Parents will be required to fill out our Spring Break Art Camp form prior to the start of camp.

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Please email the form to [email protected]

About Your Instructor Kate Shema


Kate Shema, the founder of Createria Studios, was born into a long line of artisans and tinkerers. From stained glass and woodworking to metals and fabrics, from child apprentice to design major to adult artist, no medium or canvas was left unpainted, unsoldered, unembellished, unturned … uncharted.

Her heart is in exploring human potential and building self-esteem by nurturing creativity and self-expression via a myriad of mediums and platforms. Her dream is this studio.

Located at 509 W. Bethel Rd., Suite 100 Coppell, TX

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