COVID Safety Plan at the Arts Center

COVID Guidelines while at the Coppell Arts Center for patrons:

  • Masks are required at the Arts Center and must be worn during the performance. Masks must cover the nose and mouth.
  • You will be asked to go through a Pass/Fail Thermal Temperature Check as you enter the Facility.
  • Please have your ticket available upon entering the Arts Center for a ticketed event. You may print out your ticket from your confirmation email and bring it with you, or you may have your ticket saved on your mobile device ready to scan when you enter the center for your ticketed event.

How the Arts Center is keeping you safe:

  • All staff, crew, and performers are required to wear a mask while inside the Arts Center. Only performers on stage during the performance who are socially distanced from other performers and the audience have the option to remove their mask.
  • All staff, crew, and performers will be asked to go through a Pass/Fail Temperature Check upon arrival to the Arts Center.
  • The Coppell Arts Center is equipped with contactless fixtures throughout the center and a high-efficiency HVAC system with two levels of filtration to kill pathogens in the airstreams. 
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations are conveniently located throughout the building for staff and patrons. We are frequently disinfecting high-use areas such as restrooms, door handles, and handrails.
  • All ticket sales are online with digital and print-at-home tickets for contactless scanning at the Arts Center. Will Call is not available during this time.
  • The Arts Center has created a seating chart and administers ticket sales to socially distance the audience.

After an event at the Arts Center:

  • We will be electrostatic spraying all the seats with a high-grade disinfectant after each performance in the Main Hall, per new industry standards.
  • All high-use areas such as restrooms, door handles, and handrails will be sanitized after each performance.

Soon concessions will be offered inside the Arts Center during indoor events.  However, until further notice, concessions will not be permitted inside the performance areas.


Watch our Video to Know What to Expect When You Visit The Arts Center

Watch our video to know what to expect when you visit us for an event or tour!