Front of the Arts Center facing west

Inside the Mr. Cooper Gallery Lobby

Mr. Cooper Gallery Lobby ceiling being installed

Mr. Cooper Gallery Lobby facing the Reception Hall

Main Hall stage rigging installation

Main Hall stage

A view from the Main Hall stage

Main Hall upper orchestra platforms for the seats

A look through the Reception Hall doors

The Reception Hall ceiling installation

Inside the Vari Studio Workspace

The Wheelice Wilson Jr, Theatre under construction

The Wheelice Wilson Jr, Theatre painted and with the floor installed

The front doors of the Art Center

A view of the Grove Plaza stage

The west side of the Arts Center


The Grove

Performance Plaza and Community Space

The Grove welcomes patrons to a community plaza with its cascading rows of Chinese pistachio trees and landscaped scenery.

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rendering of person walking through gallery lobby entrance

The Mr. Cooper Gallery Lobby

With an all-glass curtain wall strategically positioned to capture the northern light, the Gallery Lobby will host rotating local and touring visual art exhibitions ranging from 2-D art, sculptures, digital media and more. 

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Main Hall

An intimately beautiful space at 440 seats, the Main Hall is constructed with a two-tone hardwood finish, a state-of-the-art LED theatrical lighting system, and a Diva acoustic concert shell system.

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rendering of dancers dancing on black box stage

Wheelice Wilson Jr, Theatre

A highly flexible room, the modular seating systems allows for a wide range of custom staging configurations and creative scenic design.

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reception hall exterior during evening event

Reception Hall

Overlooking the beautiful scenery of Old Town Coppell, the glass-enclosed Reception Hall will serve as a multi-purpose space for community gatherings, auxiliary programming, and private rentals.

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rendering fo students working on art projects View Image

Vari Studio Workspace

The Vari Studio Workspace will be a multi-purpose room built to support workshops, lectures, and artist demonstrations.

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rendering of building exterior with google maps prompts

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