The Coppell Arts Center Foundation

The Coppell Arts Center Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose singular goal is to ensure the success of the Coppell Arts Center today and in the future.

The Coppell Arts Center Foundation
Develop and Manage short- and long-term funding to supplement and enhance the offerings of CAC and resident companies
Tapping our collective business, civic and artistic experience to guide and support CAC
Volunteer time and talents to supplement and expand capabilities of the CAC team
Leverage our relationships throughout the community to ensure CAC is viewed accurately and positively
140+ years of sales/marketing experience
160+ years of non-profit/civic experience
200+ years of business leadership experience

"It has been said that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Well, this group has taken that to heart. We are passionate about Coppell and the arts, and we are committed to doing everything we can to help this incredible arts center be as successful as possible."

Leigh Walker, President

Meet our Leadership Team

View the 2023-4 Leadership Team Roster (PDF)


We appreciate our members!

Corporate Gold Members

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Corporate Silver Members


Corporate Bronze Members

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Virtuoso Members

James & Cherie Walker

Muse Members

April Franzen
Kim & Steve Mobley
Becky & Mike Palm
Mark & Shevawn McSpadden
Joel and Sheila Busby
Jennifer S. Holmes
David & Taria Greenberg
Leigh & Ray Walker
Tracy & Greg Goyne
Manish & Renu Sethi
Mike & Monica Scrivner
Bill Lamm & Sheri Harlan
Cliff & Chris Long
Wes & Linda Mays
Thom & Kelly Hulme


Luminary Members

Benjamin & Kimberly Greenberg
Jani Rogers
Mandy & Thomas Anderson
Vin & Betsy Merrill
Don & Tianay Carroll
Kenneth Trout & Raymond W. Soria
Jason & Cari McCann
Jack & Linda Henderson


Enthusiast Members

Kim Zmeskal
Emy & Gary Embrey
Tom & Kim Adams
Dan & Jeannie Frey
Pamela & Jim Gaines
Jon & Becky Barnes
Adam, Sophia, & Elliot Metz
Steve & Joni Taylor
Jeff & Lisa Jordan
Kari & Paul Streiber
Alfred & Cathy Fraser

Ambassador Members

Laura Franze
Karen Smith
Anne Diamond
The Mauzy Family
Michele Russell
Kate & Bob Shema
Tracey Spofford
LindaRuth & Sterling Sanders
Aileen Ford
Lydia Fenley & David Dickey