The Coppell Community Chorale's: Mix Tape Volume 2

The Coppell Community Chorale's: Mix Tape Volume 2

Tickets $12 per Person

May 8, 2021
The Coppell Community Chorale's: Mix Tape Volume 2
Tickets $12 per Person

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Socially Distanced Ticket Information

Tickets are $12 per Person.  Online you can purchase up to 10 individual tickets.  

PLEASE NOTE: For your convenience and safety, we have done the work for you and spaced out the seating between each order. This ensures that all orders are socially distanced. Please do not leave empty spaces when selecting your seats. 

If you would like to reserve more than 6 tickets, please call the Box Office to process your order.  Call us at 972-304-7047

Or call the Box Office today to assist in purchasing all your tickets for our events.

The Coppell Community Chorale Organization

The Coppell Community Chorale (CCC) is a volunteer-based, non-profit arts organization. As one of Coppell's oldest community organizations, the Chorale enriches and educates the Coppell community by demonstrating outstanding leadership in the performance and preservation of choral music. We are comprised of residents of Coppell and surrounding areas.

The Coppell Community Chorale would like to continue making music for you, our audience turned viewers.  We actively seek new members and sponsors all year.  You can learn more at their website


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Box Office and Purchase Policy

Visit our Box Office and Purchase Policy page for more information.  Contact us by phone at 972-304-7047 or Click Here to Email the Box Office if you have any questions.



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