Exhibition: Blue

Curated by Coppell Creatives & the Coppell Arts Council

August 23rd - October 9th, 2021


Curated by the Coppell Arts Council’s resident company Coppell Creatives, Blue features art of a variety of media with a focus on either the color or concept of blue. We hope you enjoy the collection and we kindly invite you to visit coppellartscenter.org for future shows and events.

Artwork Inquiries

The majority of pieces featured in the exhibit are available for purchase, with the exception of artworks designated as not for sale (marked NFS). If you are interested in acquiring a work, please send an e-mail to janna@coppellartscouncil.org and arrangements will be made for you.

Visit Today

Below is a glimpse of their work. We encourage you to visit the Center to view the artwork in person.

Featured Artists

Kalika Antao
Kent Darwin
Anne Diamond
James Dunn
Brett Dyer
Mylinda Farr
Arianna Fouse
Curtis Frederick
Jay Gardner
Bernarda Giacometti
James Helms
Odila Iaccarino
Karen Jacobi
Merri Ellen Kase
Evan Knapp
Lynda Koshy
Leah Lawless - Smith
Sara Morton
Daniela Pasqualini
Trish Poupard
Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl
Mike Salcido
Janie Stidham
Darryl Stinson
Amy Suttle
Janna Tidwell
Robertus Van Der Wege
Tim Yeager
Kristi Zatyko