Exhibition: Foresight


Coppell High School AP Studio Art Showcase

On view March 25-April 11

Coppell High School is proud to present the 2021 AP Studio Showcase, featuring the work of 51 artists, created for submission to the AP Studio Art exams. This exhibition features a wide range of visual media including digital media, photography, animation, drawing, painting, and sculpture. 


Advanced Placement students create a portfolio of work to demonstrate inquiry through art and development of materials, processes, and ideas over the course of a year. Artists develop a body of work, known as the sustained investigation, that seeks to address an inquiry topic of their choosing. The work presented here is a small selection from their overall sustained investigation in the AP Drawing, AP 2D Design, and AP 3D Design portfolios.


Below is a glimpse of their work. We encourage you to visit the Center to view the artworks in person.

Featured Artists

AP Drawing, taught by Michelle Hauske

Joyce A.
Hrishikesh A.
Sapna A.
Aaurushi C.
Katherine C.
Jaserah C.
Catherine F.
Natalie G.
Shrayes G.
Sadie H.
Chloe H.
Marty H.
Ashley M.
Neeyati K.
Aashka L.
Chinmayi M.
Vinay M.
Vedanti N.
Sujeong O.
Kirthika P.
Shraavya P.
Tulsi P.
Valentina P.
Arpita R.
Anusha S.
Rohith T.
Franciso V.
Michael Z.

AP 2D Design, taught by Cameron Tiede

Nouran A.
Ryan B.
Adrian C.
Michka G.
Lily G.
Mya G.
William K.
Aamir M.
Rose P.
Grace S.
Isabel S.
Dorian V.
Ollie W.

AP 3D Design, taught by David Bearden

Mia B.
Soyoung C.
Laura F.
Denise K.
Brynn M.
Allison N.
Olivia P.
Mads P.
Soleil R.
Michael T.