Exhibition: Hindsight is 2020

IB Diploma Visual Arts Exhibition 

On view March 13-March 24

Coppell High School seniors are proud to showcase artworks created in fulfillment of their 2021 International Baccalaureate Visual Arts program. The works presented at the Coppell Arts Center explore a wide range of visual media, including photography, drawing, painting, digital media, printmaking, and sculpture.

This exhibition symbolizes the proud conclusion of two years of creative explorations and effort for our IB seniors.

Michelle Hauske, CISD Fine Arts Teacher


Below is a glimpse of their work. We encourage you to visit the Center to view the artworks in person.


All of [my] pieces at some level ask a question seemingly impossible to answer; “what control do I hold over my own life?”


[M]y works over these 2 years have been centered around my own personal growth, with emphasis on my experiences as a first-generation Chinese-American.


My artwork explores the ways in how this modernizing world is constantly changing, destroying, and adjusting our lens of culture.


In this very diverse body of work, my purpose is to display facades; a false, superficial, or artificial appearance or effect.


[E]very piece was created through the common processes of sleep deprivation, frustration, dissatisfaction, and bodily injury.


My work revolves around the concept of societal suffocation, which is the oppression, unrealistic expectations, and struggles that society presents to discriminated groups[.]


My works focus on sharing my perspective of human relationships. I believe that the topic has an intimate connection with everyone.


I chose to make my body of work centered around the female experience and the many feelings and situations commonly experienced by most girls.