Exhibition: Shades of Green

Curated by Coppell Creatives & the Coppell Arts Council


Curated by the Coppell Arts Council’s resident company Coppell Creatives, Shades of Green features art of a variety of media with a focus on either the color or concept of green. We hope you enjoy the collection and we kindly invite you to visit coppellartscenter.org for future shows and events.

Artwork Inquiries

The majority of pieces featured in the exhibit are available for purchase, with the exception of artworks designated as not for sale (marked NFS). If you are interested in acquiring a work, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and arrangements will be made for you.

Coming Soon

Please join us again in the Mr. Cooper Group Lobby Gallery for a photography showcase curated by the Coppell Creatives, opening Tuesday, May 18th. Submissions will be accepted by the Coppell Arts Council. If you are an artist interested in exhibiting your work in a future show, please visit coppellartscouncil.org for more information.


Magda Plagge


Bart Dluhy

In Hue of Things

Jennifer Lewis

Farm Work

Becca Wa

Green Mandala

Charlotte Chambliss

Glory Blooms

Kent Darwin

Pueblo Llorando

Sue Young

Misty Path

Anindita Dasgupta


Vijaya Meduri

Penetrating Green

Mike Mahler

Green Guadalupe River

Julia Ross

Rush to the Sea

Kent Darwin

The Durian Seller

Ken Portnoy

Stepping Out

Joy Kees

Squarism 9: Sage

Allen Jennifer

The Five Elements: Wood

David Johnson

Trinidad CA

Patrick Garcia

The Flight of the Hummingbird

Julia Ross

Yellow Tiles Path

Elena Gaston Nicolas

Aquatic Recycler Futuristic Green Car

Maahika Chitagi


Caitlin Cheek

18 Texas Inks

Carolyn Funk


Marilyn Bourbon

Living Presence

Brett Dyer

Sea Hunt

Wayne Lambert

Texas Rocks

Maria Villenueva

Nana Fish

Maria Ruenes

The Enigma of Arrival

Paskaline Bourbon


Magda Plagge


John Cariker


Mike McCurdy


Lauren Armstrong

Dallas Skyline

Magda Plagge

A Forrest Run

Trish McCallister


Ruda Anderson

Chowing Down

Pam Jackson

Ducks on the Big Fossil Creek

Darya Farral

Heart: Verde

Jessica Hills

Limitless Secrets

Yoonsoo Nam

Middleton Path

Amy Suttle

Kentucky Clover Field

Dave McKinney